Salty Crude Pumping System Online at Aghajari Oilfield: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company has revamped a salty crude oil pumping system at the Parsi Dareh-Ney Production Unit of Parsi Aghajari Oilfield.

Salty Crude Pumping System Online at Aghajari OilfieldAccording to the company, the system was renovated by the company’s experts in a less-than-five-months period. Last year it was rendered worn-out and needed to be revamped.

With 13,500 b/d of production capacity, Parsi Dareh-Ney Production Unit separates salty crude oil and from sweet crude and delivers salty crude to Karanj Desalination Unit for sweetening.

Operation of the first phase of the system was achieved with the help of the reconstruction of a pump machine and using existing capacities with the domestic forces of the company, and preparation of two other trains was on the agenda of the company, said Ebrahim Piramoum, the CEO of the company. Repair and rehabilitation of pumping systems would be significant for the company, increasing the quality of the oil produced in the area, he added. Source: SHANA

The Aghajari oil field is located in Khuzestan Province. It was discovered by Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1938 and developed by National Iranian Oil Company. It began production in 1940 and produces oil. The total proven reserves of the Aghajari oil field are around 30 billion barrels (3758×106tonnes), and production is centered on 170,000 barrels per day (27,000 m3/d). The field is owned by state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and operated by National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC). Aghajari Gas Injection Project is aimed at boosting production from this aging field.