Pulsarlube E 

The smallest lubricator which can easily be installed in confined areas with limited space. This eco-friendly product is recyclable and is specially designed to endure high vibration. Available in 60, 120 and 240 ml models. Download Catalog


Pulsarlube M

Consists of a vertical feed pump and a microprocessor chip allowing an average operating pressure of 30kgf/cm² (425psi). Designed to ensure reliable lubrication and at the same time reduce expenses with cost-saving Service Packs. Download Catalog


Pulsarlube MS & MSP

These units offer the advantage of providing automatic lubrication to machinery that is infrequently or intermittently used by synchronizing itself to the equipment, thereby avoiding the problem of over lubrication. Download Catalog

Pulsarlube PLC

The Pulsarlube PLC is Specially designed to be fully integrated with a PLC system and offered in two types; MONTH and INTERVAL type. Programmed to deliver fresh lubricant upon receiving a signal from the PLC. Download Catalog

Pulsarlube EO

The Pulsarlube EO is a gas type oiler with an NRV (non return valve) which offers superior advantages in cost competitiveness, easy installation and user friendliness. NRV minimizes oil leak caused by gravity. Compact 60ml design is convenient for use in confined spaces. Download Catalog


Pulsarlube V

The Pulsarlube V is an easy-to-program gas type lubricator which offers an informative LCD display. Certified CE, ATEX, UL for use in hazardous areas. 8-bit microprocessor controlled to ensure the most accurate dispensing rate. Download Catalog


Pulsarlube EX

The Pulsarlube EX is specially engineered to meet UL & ATEX requirements for use in hazardous areas and to ensure safe and reliable lubrication solutions to your valuable equipment. Designed for Class I, Division II, Group C & D. Download Catalog


Pulsarlube Mi

Pulsarlube Mi operates only when vibration is detected on the installed application. No need for external electric wiring to motors or other power cables. Vibration sensor allows the unit to lubricate only when the application is operating. Download Catalog

Pulsarlube OL 500

The latest innovation in oil lubrication with an average operating pressure of 10kgf/cm². Up to 4 lube points for multi-point Max. 6m (20ft) for single point. High operating pressure with a wide range of oil viscosity. Download Catalog

Pulsarlube S

Is an advanced spring type lubricator operates with the spring at the bottom and an upward piston movement, which dramatically reduces the effects of oil separation that have plagued traditional spring type lubricators. Download Catalog