Market analysis

Local Market Representation

Simeng provides complete market representation services to Iran and Middle East destination. Our young energetic operation team is striving for a win-win relationship with our clients at both ends via a combination of trust, personal rapport, and clear two-way communication.

Our strength is in:

  • Knowledge of the Market: Our knowledge of the market is inherited to us by strong partnership with decades of presence in international trades in Asia and Middle East. Our local experience assists us to predict the market, and potentials as well as identifying major clients in the sector.
  • Extended Network: your business can reach out imminently to industrial leaders through our client database. We are also motivated to explore new opportunities to your technology offerings.
  • Sound Engineering understanding: Our unparalleled commitment to provide tailored and targeted campaign for your business is only possible with our competitive engineering team of operation who is capable of handling technical enquiries and establishes an effective business-to-business relationship.

Key elements of our service include:

  • Key Account management and support in higher Tier renewal negotiations
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Guidance in pricing, quotation and proposal development
  • Support and facilitation with regional requirements e.g. local contents, custom and clearance, transactions
  • Support logistic in the destination for networking events, client visit, and during installation and commissioning and after sale and customer service supports

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Simeng has access to the best of local engineering services, from high quality sub-contractors to skilful and enthusiastic technicians and engineers to support the delivery end services. Simeng is capable to participate in engineering activities in user end:


  • Product assembly
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Inspections, lab and test services
  • After sales services
  • Technical report
  • Retrofit and repairs