Iran Sells More Oil to Private Exporters to Bypass US Curbs

Iran’s Plan to Sell Oil on Local Energy Exchange

Sinopec Plans Special Arrangements on Iran Oil

Iran Still Sells a Lot of Oil before Sanctions Deadline

Gas Production Begins in South Pars Platform 14C

Iran Sanctions Disrupt Certainty of Oil, Gas Price Forecasts

Iran Plans for Selling Oil under US Sanctions

More Iranian Oil Tankers Head to China

Russia, Iran Discuss Cooperation in Moscow

Halegan Gas Field Up for Investment 

India’s Iran Oil Imports Inch Up

India Keep Buying Iranian Crude Despite the US Sanctions Threat

Iran Able to Enhance Gas Exports

PEDEC Signs Deal with Domestic Firm to Build Oil Storage Facility

Pakistani Minister Calls for Iranian Gas Import

Vitol to Stop Business With Iran

No Oil Purchases by S. Korea Cuts from Iran since June

New Delhi Will Pay for Iranian Oil in Rupees

Iran Accuses Russia and Saudi Arabia of Stealing Market Share

Iran, Turkmenistan to Form Oil and Gas Committee

The United States Cannot Bring Iranian Oil Exports to Zero

Iran Sends Two Supertankers to China After 18 Days

Tehran Reiterates Readiness to Supply Energy Needs of Pakistan

Iran to Refund Total But Not Until Phase 11 of South Pars

India Allows State Refiners to Use Iran Tankers

NISOC to Ink Major Gas Deals with PGPIC, Maroon Petchem Co.

Japan Fails to Secure US Waiver for Importing Iranian Oil

Ferdowsi, Mideast Biggest Heavy Crude Oil Field 

Halting Iran Oil Purchase to Harm China Refineries

NIDC inks Drilling MOU with Iraqi Partner

Iran’s Tanker Fleet to Handle Oil Exports

Iran Mulls Building Phase II of Mahshahr Petzone

Spanish Esproenko to Continue Iran Business

Total Officially Quits Iran Over US Sanctions Risk

No limits in Europe Oil Imports from Iran

Iran to Sell Discounted Oil, Gas to Asia Amid US Sanctions

No Import of Items with Home-Made Rivals at PSEEZ

Iran Welcomes Talks on Gas Pipeline with Pakistan

Iran Plans to Contain Associated Petroleum Gas from Oilfields

China Rejects US Demand to Reduce Iran Oil Imports

Veep Calls on CBI to Prepare for US Oil Sanctions

Salty Crude Pumping System Online at Aghajari Oilfield

China Keeps Buying Iranian Oil

Russia Plans 50 Billion Dollars Investment In Iran Oil and Gas Industry

Foreign Investors Financing Solar Power Plants in Yazd

Iran Offers India Oil Cargo Insurance to Boost Sales

NIOC Signs Deal with Zarubezhneft to Develop Two Oil Fields

NIDC, Iraq Intend to Widen Drilling Coop.

Sistan-Baluchestan Gas Grid to Expand

Iran Petchem Plant Accredited by DAkkS

India to Increase Oil Imports From Iran

Plans to Build Small-Scale Power Plants in North Iran

RIPI Develops Polymer Membranes

Gazprom Eyes North Pars Development

Total’s Activity in South Pars on Schedule

Iran Plans to Increase Gas Storage Capacity