Iran Discovers 40 New Oil, Gas Fields : Iran has announced the discovery of about 40 new oil and gas fields and expects to start their development in the near future, said the head of the exploration department of the National Iranian Oil Company, Salef Hendi, on December 18.

Currently, Iran is conducting exploration for hydrocarbons of about 60 percent of its territory, including where, until recently, such searches were considered unpromising. As many as 14 blocks of newly discovered hydrocarbon deposits are ready for the tender.

One of these areas is the north-west of the country, where preliminary work revealed oil reserves. Hendy told reporters in Tehran that preliminary surveys of exploration department show that oil and gas fields can be found in the Bostanabad and Miyane regions in the province of East Azerbaijan.

“We will soon begin more detailed studies in these areas”, added Hendy.

In addition, in the province of Ardabil, a promising area of Mogan was identified, where pilot hydrocarbon production is already underway. In the Gulf of Oman, Iranian experts have discovered gas deposits at a depth of 800 m.

Hendy declared that Iran came out on top in the world in terms of oil and gas reserves.

“Just a few years ago, we were persuading foreign, particularly Chinese, companies to sell us certain types of drilling equipment, and now we fully provide ourselves with everything necessary in this area. With the return of U.S. sanctions, we are not faced with any problems, exploration for hydrocarbons goes on,” he concluded.

Iran ranks first in the world in terms of mastering the largest gas reserves. With a total volume of 188 trillion. cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the world, 34 trillion cubic meters refers to Iran’s recognized reserves, representing 18 percent of the total world reserves, 51 percent of the Middle East’s total reserves, and 40 percent of the total natural gas reserves of the oil-exporting countries (OPEC). Iran’s gas reserves are located in gas fields, gas caps, or oil fields.

Iran is among the countries that have many common oil and gas fields with neighboring countries. From the number of 28 common oil and gas fields of Iran with its neighbors, 18 fields are oil, 4 – gas, and 6 – both have oil and gas. So there are common oil fields with Iran and Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Turkmenistan. Some of Iran’s common gas fields with neighboring countries are the Salman (with Saudi Arabia), Mobarak (with the UAE), Hengam (with Oman), Farsi (with Saudi Arabia), Gunbadli (with Turkmenistan) and South Pars (with Qatar) fields. Source: AzerNews