Zero Gas Flare in Arvandan Soon: The CEO of Arvandan Oil and Gas Company said his company had taken measures to bring to zero its gas flaring by gathering the associated gases by mobile processing machinery.

Zero Gas Flare in Arvandan SoonAccording to the company, Jahangir Pourhang said preparations for construction of a plant to gather a daily amount of 50 million cubic feet of associated gas by the private sector would begin soon in the area.

Speaking in a televised interview, the official said that another measure considered by the company was revising the operating facilities to prevent burning of 40 mcf/d of gas. He said the two projects would be carried out by the private sector and would bring the company’s gas flaring to zero.

Pourhang further said that environmental preservation was the company’s top priority which was why maximum care is taken in drilling operations of the company. Source: SHANA

About Arvandan Oil and Gas Company: The organizational structure of Arvandan Oil and Gas Company was approved by NIOC’s Department of Structure and Productivity Engineering in January 2005. First, 458 positions were defined in the company, but now 863 posts have been defined as oil activities have expanded. Exploration, development and enhanced recovery of crude oil and natural gas from hydrocarbon reservoirs in the east of Karoun River as well as processing and transportation of natural products of oil to storage facilities or to export terminals