Business Partners




CGT Middle East

CGT Middle East has been operating in the United Arab Emirates since 2000. CGT utilizes several local offices, infrastructure and personnel to conduct its various activities. CGT’s personnel come from a range of diverse backgrounds including Trading, Finance and Engineering, enabling CGT to manage and execute the entire deal cycle in an innovative and effective manner. Furthermore, CGT facilitates strategic alliances between suppliers and financial institutions to provide trading and investment opportunities made possible by its versatile, bespoke transaction management processes.




Petro Sanaat Jonoob

Petro Sanaat Jonoob Co. was founded in 2003 by a group of experts in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries aiming at offering technical engineering services to industrial factories and complexes. Additionally , this company focused its long-term and short-term aim and strategies on industrial projects from designing and installation to operation as well as offering industrial services in different fields.






Kimia Honameh Part

Kimia Honameh Part Co. has more than 20 years of engineering and business experience in technical needs and have been the main activities in providing technical equipment for the mother country industries, and also the ability to supply from companies Valid European and American companies, which are mostly in Vendor’s list of National Gas Companies and the National Iranian Oil Company and the Ministry of Power (Precision Electric and Mechanical Instruments), and in addition to providing covered items, are able to provide specific equipment and spare parts It is also.