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CGT Middle East

CGT MIDDLE EAST has been operating in the United Arab Emirates since 2000. CGT utilizes several local offices, infrastructure and personnel to conduct its various activities. CGT’s personnel come from a range of diverse backgrounds including Trading, Finance and Engineering, enabling CGT to manage and execute the entire deal cycle in an innovative and effective manner. Furthermore, CGT facilitates strategic alliances between suppliers and financial institutions to provide trading and investment opportunities made possible by its versatile, bespoke transaction management processes.

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Pars Diba

Pars Diba, acts as a CGT representative in Iran, facilitating the trade activities within the region. Under CGT leadership, Pars Diba has placed itself as one of the market leaders in trading raw material for major clients in the steel and cement industry in Iran.

With years of experience in the trade, Pars Diba is renowned as the world’s largest exporter of Iranian DRI (Sponge Iron) to end users.