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Simeng is an international business development agency, founded in 2015. Our mission is to offer innovative engineering solutions by introducing state-of-the-art products and services to industries who aim to be at the cutting edge of the global marketplace.

Whether you are a product developer looking for strong representation in the Middle East or you are an end user looking for an engineering solution, get on board and share your requirements with us.

Simeng Services

Simeng offers comprehensive local marketing representation in engineering technology to the most complex economies in the world. Our team of expert engineers deliver bespoke services to industries such as Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Petrochemical industry, Power plants and Rail and Transportation. At Simeng we are also actively exploiting product representation opportunities in other industries.

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Simeng Projects

Simeng offers products and technologies to energy sector, oil and gas, power and renewable energy are our main destination.

Our future prospect is into Petrochemical and Rail transportations industries.

Simeng Partners

Simeng has established strong partnerships with reputable and effective business partners with a deep understanding and knowledge of Middle East market functions, gained through decades of experience in international trade in this region.

Simeng also benefits from the best technical expertise through independent engineering consultation partnerships. We are equipped to offer bespoke consultation and project tendering assistance to secure the best interest of both end parties.

Represented by Simeng


ATS Electro-Lube manufactures high quality lubrication system for any industrial application. ATS products provide an incredibly cost-effective lubrication system, as a compact and economical alternative to centralised lubrication.

Simeng is the authorised distributor of ATS products in Iran and Central Asia.

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Pulsarlube is an industry leader in the world of single point automatic lubrication. It brings an unparalleled focus on quality assurance as well as industry leading technological innovations for better lubrication solutions worldwide.

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SRJ-Technologies  was developed to meet the need for a pipe connector capable of accommodating high line pressures, of a lighter weight than existing fittings. It is compatible with all existing pipe work and provides a cost effective, safe, reliable and strong weld-free connection for the entire pipe diameter spectrum.

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Antonius is a leading producer of complex shapes, vesselheads, cones, expansion joints and other special products in exotic and special materials. The company operates worldwide and their main markets are Oil&Gas, Chemical Process industry, Power Generation, Pulp&Paper and Food.

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Industrial & Marine Solutions (IMS) provides complete energy solutions in the fields of: industry, oil & gas, rail transportation, power generation, marine and offshore. IMS projects are carried out based on a turn key strategy. The energy solutions that Industrial & Marine Solutions supplies and installs are assembled with the best available brands on the market.

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